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Lucy and the Rats - Lyla Foy - LT Wade - Ennor

Lucy and the Rats - Melody. Background - Lucy And The Rats is the new band from now London based singer/guitarist Lucy Spazzy, formerly one third of Australian punksters The Spazzys.  Once settled in London in 2015, she set about assembling a new band being “bored of playing at home by herself”, subsequently linking up with guitarist Joe To Lose (Los Perros, Johnny Throttle), bassist Mike Cannibal (Animal Cannibal), and drummer Manu (Thee Tumbitas). A pair of ear grabbing singles followed as the band made a stir on the live scene in the Capitol, in turn nationally and all over the world sharing stages with the likes of Buzzcocks and Paul Collins along the way. Produced by Johnny Casino and Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Dirtbombs), their first album is an inescapable tap on the shoulder of the broadest attention and recognition, a sweet sounding proposition so so easy to run off with. FACEBOOK . It was in late 2016 that we first came across Lucy And The Rats, then they disappeare

Wendy McNeill - Personality Cult - Ennor

Wendy McNeill - This Hope. Background - Wendy McNeill does not need any further presentation, since the debut album 'Such A Common Bird' 2004, she has released five albums, made music and toured together with Ane Brun, The Tiny and worked with Loney Dear. Her sixth album "Hunger Made You Brave" has just been released and this week we get a music video to the single "This Hope". In this part of the world tonight- through the shadows there’s a bell that’s ringing- In this part of the world tonight- there’s a growl and the softest sigh- In this part of the world tonight- there’s a child, and I see her dancing- as she pivots her face toward me- she’s kicking at stars and laughing In this part of the world tonight- there’s a bear weightlessly lumbering- through the steps of a twice dead girl and the promise of a different world- In that part of the world tonight- there’s a river and a father crying sees wind messing with the reflection not the message that t

Tonota 80 - Ben Glover - Ennor

Tonota 80 - Could Do Better. Background - With a moniker taken from a vaporising device featured in the 1970's sci-fi novel 'A Whirlpool Of Stars, UK punk-rock trio 'Tonota 80' transmit news that their new album 'Killer Sands And Beating Hearts' will be released via UK/US label Engineer Records on 23rd March 2018. Originally becoming acquainted through a chance meeting in their local record store; the Maidstone/Kent based musicians David Bloomfield (Vox/Guitar), Richard Pronger (Bass/Vox) and John Edwards (Drums) met again several years later and hatched 'Tonota 80' upon the UK music scene.  Despite the band being firmly routed in old school British punk reverie, the 3 piece bring in subtle influences from an myriad of genres. Citing the likes of Husker Du, Dinosaur Jr, Swervedriver and Radio Birdman as some of their most influential peers - Tonota 80 are encased with a penchant for brash guitar riffs, colossal melodic hooks and 60's inspire