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Baskerville Jones - So Right (From The Forthcoming EP Mile 1)

Baskerville Jones - So Right. Background bio - Born in Nashville, Tennessee, soul-singing Baskerville Jones left her hometown and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her musical aspirations.  She began gaining attention doing background vocals for prominent artists and touring and performing with seven-member ensemble The Rebirth, all the while forming musical partnerships that landed her on stage and screen nationally and internationally. In 2012 she was featured on the single "Born to Flow" from Morehouse Records recording artist Groove Junkies, which made the Top 20 on Soulful House Music Charts. As a lead vocalist of the soul, jazz & funk fusion band The Rebirth, Baskerville's vocal contributions are interwoven in the band's sophomore album "Being Thru the Eyes of a Child." Their single "This is Coming To?" landed in the top 5 of UK Soul Charts, which kicked off the success overseas of the album. Over time, she has acquired a slew of cred