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Linaire - Falcon Jane - Peach Kelli Pop

Linaire shares her beautiful new song 'No Part Of Me Ever Dies' where her vocals glisten above a sublime musical arrangement. We have to go back to 2016 when Anna Atkinson last graced our pages, her new manifestation as Linaire leaves me keenly waiting for more.  === Falcon Jane appeared on Beehive Candy a couple of times in 2018 and we are delighted to feature the new song 'The Other Moon' a melodic and dreamy piece. === Peach Kelli Pop have released 'Cut Me Off' and it's a catchy albeit quite short song that nonetheless digs some refreshing musical hooks in deep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Linaire - No Part Of Me Ever Dies. Linaire is an album of ten tracks that luxuriate in the deceleration of time and allow for listeners to embrace complicated and conflicting emotions. It is an invitation to acceptance in an atmosphere created by moments both somber and warm. Anna Atkinson’s self-

Wilsen - Linaire - Brooke Annibale - Micra

Wilsen return with their new single 'Align' just ahead of the album 'Ruiner'. We have already shared a couple of tracks from the new collection and the latest again promises that we are in for a real treat. === We have to go back to October 2016 for the last time we featured Anna Atkinson, however she is back with her new project Linaire and the beautiful song 'Feeling' accompanied by her rich sounding Omnichord. === Another artist making her third appearance here is Brooke Annibale with 'I Will'. We don't feature that many cover versions but Brooke really does give this Beatles song her own stamp. === Micra have released 'Chemical Freedom' accompanied by a video, the dream pop duo really have created a gorgeous song (and it's welcome back here for a third time as well!). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wilsen - Align. Today, the Brooklyn-based trio Wilsen released a new