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DreamVacation - Flawes - Houg - Superet

DreamVacation - Thin World (EP). Background - DreamVacation’s new EP ‘Thin World’ is cinematic in nature and thematically metaphysical. The EP includes such tracks as the title track which touches on existential themes. 2nd single “The Same Love” was originally inspired by the travails of Laura Palmer of Twin Peaks. While the EP touches on such seminal bands like Interpol and Temper Trap, the band employs a driving and transcendent approach to Post-Rock. DreamVacation’s stunning new EP, Thin World, delves into the inherent disparity of a world run by zeros and ones, what it means to exist, and what it might mean to not exist at all.  It was recorded at Big Ego Studios in Long Beach and produced by Rian Lewis and DreamVacation. DreamVacation include Zilva Thustra on vocals and guitar, Gerry Matthews on bass and synth, and Noah Alexander on drums and synth. The band members previously supported live acts such as Foster the People, Airborne Toxic Event, The War On Drugs and Matt &a