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Kingdom of Birds - Jamestown Revival - Annie Booth - Delsbo Beach Club

Kingdom of Birds might young of age even by comparison to other new bands, but that's not the thing, it's their excellent music that matters as 'Goodbye' demonstrates so well. Jamestown Revival have shared 'This Too Shall Pass' ahead of their latest album, and the duel vocals are superb on this catchy tune. Annie Booth's vocals are beautifully distinctive on 'Magic 8' a song that exudes feeling as it slowly builds in power and presence. There is a feisty and pacy feel to 'Cryin' (Such a disgrace)' by Delsbo Beach Club a song that at just over a couple minutes in length nonetheless really impacts! Kingdom of Birds - Goodbye. Kingdom of Birds have been grabbing the attention of unsuspecting audiences, international music blogs, and well-known musicians alike. At an age when most kids are only becoming aware of popular music, Kingdom of Birds (ages 11-16) are releasing their fourth collection of original songs Glitz (recorded by Aaron