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Love - Live At The Fillmore West 1970

Love started out playing the L.A. club scene in April 1965, and by the time of this concert in 1970, had already experienced a turbulent history, with line up changes, problematic tours, and the ravages of drug excesses. The one constant was the late Arthur Taylor Lee, along with some superb sixties albums and singles. This then is Love with both the early and late shows at the Fillmore West, San Francisco, USA, back on the 21st November 1970. Source: Concert soundboard. Sound Quality: Very good, 320kbps stereo (a few glitches due to age, that do not distract). Genre: Psychedelic rock, garage rock, sixties west coast. Set: Early and Late show performances. Set List: Early Show: 01 Product Of The Times 02 Stand Out 03 Keep On Shinning 04 Andmoreagain 05 Singing Cowboy / Good Times Late Show: 06 Stand Out 07 Product Of The Times 08 Bummmer In The Summer 09 Gotta Find Somebody 10 Signed D.C. 11 Slick Dick 12 Always See Your Face 13 Singing Cowboy Links: Excellent fan site HERE . Offi