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La Faute - Caitlin Rose - The Money War

La Faute - Blue Girl Nice Day (Album). A hidden gem from the frozen heart of Toronto, Canada, art school dropout and Sony Music Publishing artist La Faute released her debut album ‘Blue Girl Nice Day’ yesterday, along with the focus single ‘Sorry I Can’t Stay’ and coinciding music video. La Faute’s (AKA Peggy Messing) musical style falls under the indie dream-pop, alternative folk and singer/songwriter categories, allowing Messing to bend genres and formulate her own. Citing artists such as Mitski, Lana Del Rey, Chet Baker and Massive Attack as musical influences – to name a few – Messing’s debut album is a hypnotic embodiment of all of these styles and influences. Messing describes her inspiration for the album and her creative process, “I think this album is partly about me marrying my two loves of music and visual art. I am really enjoying the videos I am making and how moving pictures and songs affect each other. I have almost zero budget for video, and I’m not going unmasked into

Parliamo - Freya Beer - YOVA - La Faute

Parliamo - You’re An Animal. A funk-laden guitar pop anthem filled with hazy melodies that flutter and float like the last rays of sun dipping behind the horizon on a languid summer day, “You’re An Animal” arrives as the first new music from Parliamo this year. Taking primary inspiration from the laid-back electronica-infused indie pioneered by the likes of Primal Scream, Super Furry Animals or Blur, with a healthy dose of the dazed guitar-pop rhythms reminiscent of Swim Deep or Peace also detectable amidst its sunny substance matter; “You’re An Animal” finds the band facing up to our fear of failure with a fizzing new release. As vocalist Jack Dailly explains of the track: “The lyrics [of “You’re An Animal”] centre on projecting your own failures and insecurities onto someone else in an argument: when you really should be having a go at yourself, you deflect the blame and double down. It quickly became an effective live number, with loads of people who had seen us live asking us when

Erin K - Mary Anne's Polar Rig - Bethan Lloyd - IST IST - La Faute

Erin K - Keep Her. With a growing audience of over 3 million streams on Spotify, following the fruitful collaboration on 2019s I Need Sound, the American-born London-resident musician has continued her work with co-producer Kristofer Harris (Belle & Sebastian, Ghostpoet) and recorded new album Sink to Swim at his Squarehead Studios in Kent. Erin’s narrative-driven songs are as forthright and personal as they are engaging and the candid nature of her often fearlessly self-deprecating lyrics make repeated listens of the timeless songs rewarding. None more so than Keep Her.  “This song illustrates the circumstances of a girl who is bound to her relationship with a controlling partner”, Erin says. “It is written almost in the form of an encouraging letter to the dominant party, offering advice on how to “keep her by [his] side so she can’t let go”. As the verses unfold, the extent to which this girl is broken and bound are poetically revealed.” This subject matter is intensely persona