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The Monkees - Live in Japan 1968

In the early days of The Monkees , there was some fuss over the fact that session musicians played on their first couple of albums. Add to this the fact that they had been brought together for a TV series, any thought of artistic integrity or status was a definite no. However they were fun, their fan base included The Beatles, and repeats of the TV series, still appear time and again on cable and satellite channels. However by 1968 the TV series was over, the band completed a far east tour, the last with Peter Tork as part of the band at that juncture, and their very alternative and psychedelic film 'Head' was released. This is from the 'far east' tour, and captures a band that at least live, probably still had something to prove. You can also enjoy a couple of 'hot rocking' Japanese DJ's whose voice overs, bring a huge smile to my face, somehow I think this was pretty serious stuff for them. Clearly from a radio broadcast of the show - FM thankf