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Jen Awad - Hey Harriett - John Hiatt

Jen Awad - Break A Man. Background - Grab the nearest fire extinguisher cos Jen Awad is about to set your wig alight. This half Egyptian, half Peruvian powerhouse delivers the kneecap melting soul and sass of Etta James combined with an in-your-face swagger reminiscent of Tina Turner. Self taught on vocals, piano, guitar and bass, Jen also pens the lyrics to all of her material.    Jen's ability to deliver cherubic, velvety vocals that effortlessly transition into the radical rumble of a runaway 18 wheeler doing 90 mph on an open highway is a feat in itself to witness live. Backed by an eight member band with a horn section, Jen Awad packs a combination punch that will leave your core ringing in the most delectable manner imaginable. Recently Jen Awad has been selected to play the Broke L.A. Festival, being 1 of 50 acts chosen out of 700 contenders. She has consistently filled her local L.A. venues to maximum capacity and is steadily gaining ground as a widely respected act in

John Hiatt - Take Root Festival 2008.

This is John Hiatt performing a solo acoustic set at the Take Root Festival in Oosterpoort, Groningen, Holland back on the 4th October 2008. The material is a mixture of songs from across the years, along with a few from his current album of the time 'Same Old Man'. Some artists have the ability to grab my attention from the first chord and in this case the power, passion, energy and full sound just adds to the occasion. The radio host mentioned that John was flown in especially for this gig, having performed in North America throughout the summer promoting the album. He has also worked alongside Lyle Lovett on a number of occasions since 2008 and is currently touring Europe performing undertaking both solo and joint gigs with Lyle. Source: FM Broadcast Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@192kbps. Genre: Rock, country, blues. Set: Full Set. Set List: 01 Riding With The King 02 Old Days 03 The River Knows Your Name 04 Memphis In The Meantime 05 Georgia Rae 06 Let's Give