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Madame Psychosis - Smoking Alaska

We have a couple of tracks from Madame Psychosis namely 'Crashing Down' and 'Kapow'. The bands mixture of indie rock and alt pop is very impressive, whether they are performing more melodic and refined pieces such as 'Crashing Down' or full on rockers like 'Kapow', they give every song their all, and do so with considerable class. Smoking Alaska recently released their new E.P. 'Bring Me Back a Souvenir', and these Dutch indie rockers can and do cover plenty of differing styles. From slick and pleasing indie rock like 'Sirens in the Sky' to the more expansive and vibe filled 'Allegory of the Cave', the new E.P is imaginative and genuinely worth listening to in full. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Madame Psychosis - Crashing Down / Kapow. Madame Psychosis is a five-piece alt pop & indie rock band from Toronto. Members include