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Jillette Johnson - Bee Bee Sea - Sandtimer - Deepfake Moneybomb

Jillette Johnson releases 'Annie' and announces her new album due in a few months time, the new song is a gorgeous slice of modern folk pop with hints of timeless country. === We have featured the first two singles from their upcoming new album 'Day Ripper' and now we have the title track from Bee Bee Sea namely (of course) 'Day Ripper' where the bands nod towards The Beatles is notable. === Sandtimer are another band who have appeared here a couple of times already in 2020 and are back with 'You Never Had Control' a stripped back track that exudes plenty of personal feeling. === Deepfake Moneybomb has released his self titled album and it's streaming in full below. Always on the lookout for different, creative yet accessible music we are delighted that all those boxes have been ticked with this talented and crafted release. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jillette Johnson - Annie.

Jess Locke - Sandtimer - Certain Animals - Eleni Drake - Crawford Mack - Godcaster

Jess Locke has shared 'Fool' and it's a hook filled indie pop song with some grittier rock attitude alongside. === Sandtimer return just a month after we featured 'Different Seas' with another new track entitled 'Three Cars' a stunning indie folk piece. === Certain Animals make their seventh appearance here in less than a year such is the calibre of the music and the newest alt rock song 'Too Long' keeps the momentum going. === Eleni Drake has released 'Melbourne Blues' ahead of her E.P ‘Vanilla Sky’ and it's a beautiful example of what to expect. === Crawford Mack shares 'Depends On Where You Stand' which is a striking singer songwriter track with refined vocals and a fabulous musical arrangement. === Godcaster cut to the chase with 'All the Feral Girls In The Universe' a feisty track and if the video and title doesn't grab your attention the song is just as amazing. --------------------------------------------

Andy Cook - Jenny Reynolds - Sandtimer - Jess Knight - Sun Cutter - Cold Beaches - New Fries

Andy Cook new album 'I'll Be Fine' is streaming in full below. This is a highly original album, musically it sits somewhere between indie and alt rock but drifts beyond there, the production is stunning and the musicianship on a par, Andy's vocals add even more distinction and character, this is class to say the very least. === We have another album in full below, this time from Jenny Reynolds and her new collection entitled 'Any Kind Of Angel', where the singer songwriter delivers some beautifully refined Folk and Americana songs. The storytelling lyrics are notable and the genuine nature of the album enticing. === We featured Sandtimer a couple of times last year and they return with 'Different Seas' which is a reinterpretation of an old song of theirs and it's absolutely stunning (why say more). === Having already shared two songs from her new album we now have the full collection as Jess Knight releases 'Best Kind Of Light'. Mixing bl

ROCH - Magnapop - Make Friends - Sandtimer

ROCH is a London based artist and her new song 'All Time Favourite Girl' is accompanied by an intriguing video, the song itself is a gorgeous and creative piece that put simply, is stunning. And I quote "Atlanta, Georgia's 90's alt-rock pioneers Magnapop return and debut new single and first music in a decade for "Need to Change . " The alt rockers jump start into a magnificent two and a bit minutes of full on music, the album will be eagerly anticipated by a good number of people I suspect. Make Friends have just released a video for their latest song 'Ellie'. It's a smooth indie pop track with more than a hint of rock to it, and it's totally engaging. Following on from our first feature for Sandtimer (we shared 'Dormant' back in April) we now have 'Whats On Your Mind' which is another striking Indie Folk song, where the duo once again demonstrate their notable talent. --------------------------------------------

Zoe and Cloyd - Sandtimer - Thin Lear

We have some splendid and totally natural roots music from Zoe and Cloyd, the musicianship is just right and the dual vocals and live feel to the song adds even more character. Sandtimer have just shared 'Dormant' along with a fine video, their indie folk is outstanding and the vocals are wonderful on this addictive song. 'Death In A Field' from Thin Lear (songwriter/producer Matt Longo) is a beautiful piece, where his vocals are just so engaging and the musical arrangement is seemingly pristine. Zoe and Cloyd - Looking Out For You And Me. Roots duo Zoe & Cloyd have released a video for their latest single, “Looking Out For You And Me,” a song that illustrates today's issues of change and how it affects us. It warns against allowing self-interest and short-term gain to take precedence over the well-being of future generations. Husband and wife artists Zoe (Natalya Weinstein) and Cloyd (John Miller) blend their long-crafted folk harmonies with fellow ban