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Weekend Wonders: Nevāda Nevada - Rayne - Gregory Clark - The Byzantines

Nevāda Nevada - 900 Days. Background - Nobody ever really quits music. Not if they ever really loved it. One can try, but it always creeps back, until one day the air is once again being caused to vibrate in the most necessary to actualize being. It is how it should be. Several years ago, Kathryn Musilek, frontman for Nevada Nevada, was a fixture in the vibrant and close-knit Iowa City, Iowa music scene, playing in numerous bands and just being generally omnipresent therein. In some way, this was the natural result of a life long love and study of music, having learned several instruments. A significant other used Kathryn as an entry point into this world, and once on the inside, spread their lovin' all over, with the knowledge of everyone in town--everyone, that is, but Kathryn. This betrayal hurt so bad, it required that Iowa City be left behind in favor of Brooklyn and the creation of music be left behind in favor publicizing the same. It was a sort of "I need to be a ne