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Selfish Bodies - Dan Hatton - Womb

Selfish Bodies - Bambi Legs. Selfish Bodies are a female lead alternative pop rock trio based in Edmonton, AB, who combine their love of writing with genre-blending, cinematic soundscapes and thoughtful lyrics. They believe music is a universal language.  What does the band want to say? Whatever their listeners need to hear. Selfish Bodies' goal is to connect with their listeners through the creation of relatable and heartfelt content. Cathartic new single, "Bambi Legs," was inspired by insecurity. When self consciousness rears its ugly head, it can lead to a lot of fear and second guessing. This is a lonely feeling yet we are oddly united in it as we all feel this way at least sometimes. The duality of the feelings in the lyrics through the instrumentation is magnified as the song sways back and forth between a heaviness to a more lightheartedness. Selfish Bodies · Bambi Legs (Clean) ====================================================================== Dan Hatton - B