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Quality Not Quantity: Wyatt Blair - Grog - Glider Pilots - Perpacity

Wyatt Blair - Dancing On A Dream. Background promo - Record label founder. Recording wizard. Power pop maestro. Wyatt Blair is a man of many disciplines. Blair began Lolipop Records out of his parents’ Laguna Beach garage in 2010 with a simple goal of recording his friends and sharing their music with the world. When Wyatt moved the label to Los Angeles in 2012, he inadvertently started a rock ‘n’ roll revolution — spawning an army of sweet-toothed teens with an insatiable appetite for the sugary garage pop sounds of Lolipop bands — most of them discovered by Blair himself. However, even as he assumed his role as the hardest working man in LA’s flourishing garage rock scene, Blair continued to write, record and produce his own music at a prolific rate. His debut full-length, “Banana Cream Dream,” immortalised his love of all things sweet and solidified his place as one of LA’s top tune-smiths. An infectious blend of anthemic power pop, tongue-in-cheek storytelling and hilarious inte