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The Rebel Light - WYO - LUKA - Area Resident

The Rebel Light - Where Did All The Love Go. Background from The Rebel Light - We wanted to share with you our new music video for our song 'Where Did All The Love Go', If trippy psychedelic vibes is your thing then this is your jam.  Also, KCSN in Los Angeles and EQX in Vermont just added ‘Where Did All The Love Go’ into rotation. Both stations play some of the best damn tunes on FM radio, So naturally, we were pretty excited to hear that our song has been added to their playlists. Los Angeles trio The Rebel Light have already been turning heads on both sides of the Atlantic. This exciting new band’s sound already oozes a confidence that feels both effortlessly fresh yet wonderfully familiar. The Rebel Light have already pulled in comparisons to bands such as The Shins and Temples and draw heavily on their influence of the sun drenched sound of 60’s California pop. Website here , Facebook here . It has been over a year since we first featured The Rebel Light, with the tra

Discolor Blind - The Rigs - Josh Taerk - WYO - Silk Village

Discolor Blind - Poor Receipts. Background - Montreal's Discolor Blind has revealed 'Poor Receipts', the second single from their debut EP 'Long Vivid Dream', set for release at the beginning of September. This follows up their well-received single 'Black and Grey'. ‘Long Vivid Dream’ was recorded in Montreal between April 2013 and October 2015. It features vocalist Alexis Nadeau, who Malayeri met through a mutual friend in September 2013. The EP also involves Grammy and Oscar-winning music producer Jeff Bass, best known for his long-term work with Eminem and collaboration with George Clinton. This EP is laced with the melancholia and angst that crept in from the cold Canadian winters Ashkan now found himself acclimatising to, summing up the myriad textures found on the record. A mix of chilled and measured washes are used as platforms for more intricate sounds from raw guitars and plaintive pianos to pop beats and even sultry jazz grooves. Building