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Samantha Margret - The Party. Singer-songwriter Samantha Margret has released her spirited and carefree new single “The Party.” Mirroring old Hollywood glamour with a flirtatious demeanor, the track rings of seductive musicality. With subtle chirps of saxophone combined with hoppy lyrics, Margret delivers a playfully canny and sophisticated piece of music with a music video soon to follow. “The Party'' is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide. “It’s so easy to get drawn into what everyone else thinks is cool or trendy, but that’s not really how we find joy,” says Samantha Margret. Finding affirmation on her own, “The Party” was written after Margret feared losing her voice and writing music for others instead of her own creative joy. Feeling a similar pressure, writer Juliette Reilly joined Margret in their first session, and “The Party” became a song about finding their own power and enjoying it even in the face of the judgement of others.

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Sweet Crude - La Rêveuse / Under New Moons. The New Orleans-based six-piece band Sweet Crude announced Dualité: have a new double A-side singles series where the group will release pairs of songs where one is sung in Louisiana French and the other in English. In celebration of Mardi Gras, the band released the first installment today with two brand new songs “La Rêveuse” and “Under New Moons.” “Tours? Nope. Money? Broke. Launch a blitz of bilingual bangers in 2021 because we can? Putain ouais (hell yeah, and pardon our Louisiana French),” explains singer Sam Craft. “Through confinement and a lack of gigs, we’ve steadily built up a loyal Patreon following with whom we’ve been streaming and chatting on a regular basis. They’ve been inspiring us to keep going and to write like crazy. We show them brand new ideas, they give us feedback, and we are now self-producing and self-recording a whole new body of work for approximately zero dollars. Dualité is the result, or really the start, of t