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Tom Waits - Akron, Ohio 2006

This is Tom Waits performing live at The Civic Centre, Akron, Ohio, back on Sunday, August 13th 2006. I am not certain if the source of this recording is taken directly from an FM broadcast, however it is a probable assumption as the final track ends without a smooth fade suggesting the radio announcer may have been cut off in their prime. Whatever the recordings history, this is a very fine quality recording of Tom Waits in concert in a tour that showcased some of the songs from the forthcoming November 2006 album release 'Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards', that said this edited recording only featured one song 'Bottom of the World' from that album. Although the NPR broadcast was only part of the show, I have read elsewhere that the featured tracks were by far the best performed ones at this gig. At the beginning of 'Tom Trauberts Blues' Tom Waits remarks about a man and a shirt which was apparently a reference to somebody getting on stage and throwing

Tom Waits - My Fathers Place - 1977

This is Tom Waits live at Club Roslyn, Long Island, New York, USA, or as the venue is more affectionately remembered 'the homely and homey music club - My Fathers Place' (at 19 Bryant Avenue in Roslyn) . Indeed it is easier to talk about the venue than to know where to start with Tom Waits. I know I often use this as a get out clause, and I will unashamedly do so again now. For fans this is a must have recording, for those not familiar with Thomas Alan Waits, this captures said gentleman some 32 years ago, with the 'bourbon soaked' voice, on fine form at a wonderful venue. Source: Pre FM copy of WLIR recording. Sound Quality: Extremely good stereo MP3 @192kbps. Genre: Should be a personal genre called Tom Waits, however he ranges across, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Folk, Experimental, and we can throw in Vaudeville for good measure. Set: Possibly full set, cannot confirm (track numbered from 2 CD version) . Set List: 01 Standin' On The Corner