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Four More: Computer Magic - Art d'Ecco - Albert af Ekenstam - Brooklyn Doran

Computer Magic - Gone For The Weekend. Background bio - Computer Magic consists of Danielle “Danz” Johnson. She is based out of Brooklyn, NY and was born and raised in the Catskills in upstate New York (in Woodridge, NY and Rock Hill, NY). She moved to Chinatown in New York City to attend Hunter College. In 2010 she moved to Tampa, FL to get away from city life. There, she taught herself how to make music and put up several EP’s for free online under the moniker of Computer Magic.  Since then, Danz has released 8 EP’s worldwide and 4 LP’s in Japan. She has written numerous songs for commercials in Japan and tours there frequently. Her full length debut Davos came out on her own record label Channel 9 Records in late 2015. She is currently self-producing her next EP which will be out by the end of the year. Ignacio Rivas Bixio accompanies her for live shows on percussion and on some recordings. Computer Magic's "Gone For The Weekend" is a unique synth-dance-dream take

Midweek With: Shane Scheib - Fresh Snow - Brooklyn Doran - Alex Bent + the Emptiness - Birdtalker

Shane Scheib - Run! (Radio Version). Background promo - Shane Scheib is an indie artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. His music expertly blurs the lines between the energy of alternative rock and the verve of indie-pop. A creative and forward-thinking performer, Shane is known to produce music with an open heart and an open mind, bridging the gaps between clever arrangements and emotional lyrical wit. His distinctive guitar playing is also the result of lots of labour and dedication: when he was 13, Shane fell in love with the mastery and incredible ability of Stevie Ray Vaughn. He watched the bluesman's legendary live performances on video repeatedly, eventually mastering the blues and rock formula. Later, he took it to the next level as a trained jazz guitarist with a versatile mindset, incorporating influences as diverse as folk, pop and rock into his music. Shane Scheib’s music is a lot like his humor: it’s witty, playful, and a little introspective at the same time. In his

Friday Five: Wojtek the bear - Twin Graves - Tiergarten - Brooklyn Doran - Ranch Ghost

Wojtek the bear - Dead from the waist up. Background promo - Glasgow four piece wojtek the bear release their debut single “dead from the waistup” on 17th June. Their debut offering marries quintessential indie pop songwriting with melodies and hooks as big as mountains. The single was recorded and produced by Chris McCrory of band catholic action and is accompanied by a video shot in the wilds of South Lanarkshire by Beth Chalmers whose recent clients include Low and Martha Ffion. The band will be playing a number of shows in the coming months to support the release including a launch gig on 16th June at Govanill Baths in Glasgow and 19th August at DF Concerts catapult showcase at the Record Factory in Glasgow. 'Dead from the waist up' is my introduction to Wojtek The Bear. It's a breezy indie pop song and for me it's just a delight. Catchy and with lyrics worth taking in, it's a fine way to get to know a bands music. ----------------------------------