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Improvement Movement - Forever Honey - Melting Dreams - Paper Foxes

Improvement Movement - 11:00. With so much of the music industry feeling constantly inundated with projects being disguised as indie music by major labels, there seems to be a level of exhaustion around the discovery of new bands. The Atlanta, GA-based Improvement Movement sets out to vertically and horizontally integrate all your needs with their debut project, Don’t Delay, Join Today! – out July 29, 2022, through Acrophase Records – which is a collection of songs that might gravitate towards fans of Drugdealer, Altin Gun, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, as well as fans of startups like Theranos, WeWork, and Juicero. In all seriousness, the project is a special amalgamation of insanely talented Atlanta musicians who have found a way to collaborate with each other under the band title. Improvement Movement includes (but is not limited to) a rotating cast of Atlanta musicians like Tony Aparo, Zach Pyles (credited on projects from Washed Out, Neon Indian, and Deerhunter to name a few), Ma

MYNTH - Forever Honey - Lesley Barth - Percy

MYNTH just shared 'Laurel' which is the first single from their third studio album due in September, the song itself is a gorgeous mix of guitar led Electro music and lush vocals. === We had the pleasure of sharing 'Christian' by Forever Honey a few weeks back and they have returned with 'Twenty-Five' which is another refreshing mixture of melodic pop and rock. === Lesley Barth first single from her forthcoming album is 'Woman Looking Back at Me' a hook filled song that combines Blondie style disco beat with reflective lyrics. === UK band Percy just released 'Love Song' accompanied with a video, the bands powerful post punk sound remains intact with addictive vocals, it's a fine taster for their next album ‘Seaside Donkeys’. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MYNTH - Laurel. 'LAUREL’ was out yesterday April 10 and is the first single from MYNTH’s 3rd studio album (SHADES | M

Bleach Day - Forever Honey - Villages - Agnes Obel

Bleach Day just released 'bbs in the grass' a song that has a mixture of psychedelic vocal overtones and a creative choice of instrumentation. === Forever Honey share 'Christian' where the gorgeous melodic vocals and harmonies are accompanied by some slick guitar driven pop/rock. === The video for 'Cremation' by Villages enhances the songs story, however it's the mixing of traditional folk storytelling and more modern musical sounds that really does impress and please. === Agnes Obel hardly needs any introduction or support from Beehive Candy however ten years on and she is still testing musical boundaries and with the splendid song 'Camera's Rolling' ensuring that the new album 'Myopia' will get even more attention. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bleach Day - bbs in the grass. Bleach Day released their second single “bbs in the grass” from their forthcoming album as