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Cass Clayton Band - Bridal Party - Radio Drive

Cass Clayton Band released their new album entitled 'Play Nice' a few week back and it's well worth us catching up on it. The musical influences that inform the bands direction include rock, soul, funk and blues which ensures plenty of variety, more importantly the new collection of music has plenty of melodic hooks and is delivered with quality, passion and style. We have already featured a couple of tracks from Bridal Party this year ahead of their 'Too Much' album release, and now we have the full album to enjoy. Their goal of making music they like is all apparent, as is their ability to write and perform exceptional, imaginative and notably creative pop songs. The sixth full album from Radio Drive is 'In The Light'. Packing a fine collection of indie and alt rock tracks, the bands unpretentious natural rockers are determined and catchy throughout.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cass

Bridal Party - Suggested Friends - Harry Heart

Bridal Party return just a couple of months after we first featured them, this time with 'Speak Easy' just ahead of their debut album release. Once again the bands art pop is beautifully melodic and imaginative, the albums looking good. Indie rock band Suggested Friends share a music video for 'Cygnets' a deliciously melodic rocker and a slightly paranoid video. Just a month after his first UK single 'Montaigne' Harry Heart is back with 'Work It Out'. Once again his vocals really impress, the alt rock arrangement adds further originality, the forthcoming Hands in the Hive EP, is out 6th September. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bridal Party - Speak Easy. Victoria, BC art-pop quintet Bridal Party have always had the goal of making pop music they like. Now with the approaching release of debut full-length Too Much (due August 23rd on Kingfisher Bluez) the band find themselves at a cri

Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen - Imperial Daze - Anna Rose - Bridal Party - Georgia Dish Boys

Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen have a third new album called 'Speaking Of Witches' which is available in full to stream just below. Rebecca Rego has fabulous vocals that lend themselves to rock as much as they do to anything Americana, the band are polished and the songs consistently good, the album is well worth a full listen at the least. Imperial Daze have now released their Surfaces Sensibles (E.P). Just a couple of months back we featured a video for 'Minding The Haze' - Live from Electric Eel Studio, which is one of the five songs in this new collection, a mixture of psych pop and rock, that is consistently impressive. Anna Rose first appeared on Beehive Candy in April with 'Nobody Knows I'm Here' and we follow up with 'The Chariot' where her soulful and passionate vocals are again outstanding as is her music. From Victoria BC we have Bridal Party with 'Too Much' an art pop song that is full of melodic hooks, I like the notion