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Stray Cats - Live In North America 1982.

Are you ready to rumble? There is nothing like a blast of rockabilly and a blues belter or two, to clear the cobwebs and the Stray Cats certainly know how to liven things up as was the case here back in the early 1980's Now I am a little confused over the venue or even city that this gig was actually from. The silver disc boot says the band were live in Los Angeles on April 28th 1982. It's just that the song 'Rumble In Brighton' keeps on having the lyrics changed to 'Rumble in Toronto' something the audience seems to appreciate. That aside this is one rocking concert from the band at the peak of their musical journey. It's not until 'Lonely Summer Nights' that the band slow things down a little, showing how well they could recreate 1950's rock'n'roll in differing styles. Source: Soundboard. Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps. Genre: Rockabilly. Set: Full Set. Set List: 1. Baby Blue Eyes (4:22) 2. Double Talking Woman (3:47)