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Miss June - Sarah Klang - Gabi Hartmann - Grace Acladna - Deanna Petcoff

New Zealand's Miss June have shared some spirited rock with bags of hooks, I am tempted to suggest it's literal garage rock, check the video to see where I'm coming from on that. 'New Day Coming' by Sarah Klang is a melodic and catchy piece, her vocals are beautiful and the subtle Americana hints add even more. Gabi Hartmann has shared 'Always Seem To Get Things Wrong' a charming ballad where both the Parisian's vocals and refined musical arrangement exude a sentimental and timeless feeling. We have already featured Grace Acladna twice this year and her new song 'Apnea' is another imaginative and simply addictive track, her vocals sweeping above a cleverly constructed soundtrack, this is hard to ignore. Deanna Petcoff also makes her third appearance on Beehive Candy, this time with 'Stage Light' a robust indie rocker that mixes melodic hooks with some simmering energy. -------------------------------------------------------------

Amanda Tenfjord - Mel Parsons - Silent Forum - Tellico - Deanna Petcoff

Amanda Tenfjord - First Impression EP. Norwegian 21-year-old Amanda Tenfjord releases her debut EP ‘First Impression’, unveiling brand new track ‘Pick a Card’. After phenomenally received first three singles, ‘First Impression’, ‘No Thanks’, and ‘Let Me Think’, Amanda has gained a reputation for herself as a bit of a sass-pot. From calling out shallow personalities on ‘First Impression’, (with lines such as) “I like you better out of site ‘cos you’re a social parasite”, to saying ‘No Thanks’ to time-wasters, Amanda’s not afraid of making a statement. Her third single ‘Let Me Think’, about taking a minute to stop and evaluate how happy you are with a situation, continues to exhibit her playful nature and her ability to create pop bangers. Her final track from the EP, ‘Pick a Card’ rounds off the EP with a slower melody showcasing Amanda’s outstanding vocals, while covering the deeper subject of making choices. First Impression EP is “a very special ride” Amanda says. “I have gotten

Spielbergs - Esbie Fonte - Parker - MaidaVale - Deanna Petcoff

Spielbergs - We Are All Going To Die. Background - Oslo power-trio Spielbergs are sharing the hugely immediate first track from their forthcoming debut EP “Distant Star.” “We Are All Going To Die” comes as the band prepare for two live shows at Norway’s by:Larm festival this weekend. On a track that lashes out against the world, but at the same time begs for its help, vocalist Mads Baklien issues a rallying cry in this urgent and insistent examination of mortality, his anthemic vocal set to a swathe of thick, warm guitars and punctuated by Christian Løvhaug’s unrelenting drumming. The band have garnered considerable interest in a short career that has only recently seen them reach double figures in terms of live performances. “Daisy! It’s The New Me” featured at no.27 in Norwegian daily GAFFA’s Songs Of The Year (between James Blake and Chance The Rapper, no less) and they have made the viral 50 chart on Spotify. They have now signed a worldwide deal with new British label By The Ti