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lund - Good Advice. "Good Advice," the new single from Asheville-based outfit lund. As a teenager, Nicole's dad snuck her into a club in her hometown of Charlotte, NC to see Derek Trucks, and that show changed her life. That very night, she became a member of the band's Street Team. Then, she took over the street team's operations, and then interned with the band's manager after graduating with a vocal and music business degree. After the internship ended, Nicole became his assistant and learned the ins and outs of the music business. After a decade in the music business on the management and booking sides, the classically trained singer has finally moved into the spotlight. lund · Good Advice ============================================================================ Annie Dressner - I've Always Been Like This. UK-based folk singer-songwriter Annie Dressner has released her latest single, "I’ve Always Been Like This" today — Dressner's s