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ALA.NI Ft. Iggy Pop - ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis - Jackson Dyer

ALA.NI - Le Diplomate FT. IGGY POP. Today, the UK-born, Paris-based artist ALA.NI released her video for “Le Diplomate,” featuring guest vocals from Iggy Pop. The video stars an unrecognizable ALA.NI in special-effects makeup and prosthetics as “Le Diplomate” On her decision to portray “Le Diplomate” in whiteface, and her reason for the two year delay in releasing the video, ALA.NI says in a statement: So much has changed in the world. The covid pandemic and all of its challenges, being a main global issue to currently tackle. Also the acknowledgement and conscious movement that Black Lives should Matter. A statement that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Why must I even need to ask for this in our so-called equal and free modern society? Asking to be counted, when we still pay our taxes. Very saddening. We must fight for this change. TOGETHER. My heart has been deeply hurting along with the rest of the black communities all over the world. On top of all of that, the entire human race h

Jitensha - ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis - MF Tomlinson - Ana Egge

Jitensha - Sojourn. Jitensha is the garage rock love child of Erin Rose Hubbard and David Martinez. Their sound is a silvery union of honey sweet proto-punkiness and modern indie that is harmonically reminiscent of 1950s rock & roll.  With just vocals, electric guitar and drums, stealing a niche somewhere between the White Stripes and the Civil Wars, Jitensha nestles catchy, poignant melodies into hard hitting rock grooves.  Lyrically, the duo toes the line between realism and optimism, focusing on social justice, environment and psychology, bringing you on a winsome journey of the human experience.  Jitensha has released two full length studio albums, Buck Moon and Periscope. Their single “Sojourn” dropped on March 19th 2021. =================================================== ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis - You Better Watch Yourself Third single release from the 'transatlantic quarantaine sessions'. Between 1998 and 2020 Boo Boo Davis used to tour in Europe sev