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Sisters Of Mercy - Trans Europe Excess 1985

This is a soundboard recording of the Sisters Of Mercy recorded live at Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, back on the 17th May 1985, and subsequently released through semi official (or at least loop hole in international law specialist label) KTS Records. There are a number of recordings from various gigs from the Trans Europe Excess tour in circulation, this one is possibly the most popular as the sound quality does the band justice, and KTS were pretty good at getting hold of soundboard & stereo FM material. In terms of performance and considering the stresses and strains on the band at this time the performance is spot on, seemingly warming up after the first two or three songs. Source: Soundboard Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps. Genre: Rock, Goth Rock. Set: Edited Set (not far off full gig). Set List: 01. First And Last And Always 02. Body And Soul 03. Marian 04. No Time To Cry 05. Possession 06. Walk Away 07. Emma 08. Amphetamine Logic 09. A Rock And A Hard