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Son Little - More Than Ruins - Ned Roberts - Moderate Rebels

Son Little has a new album due out at the end of January and has just released 'Mahalia'. It's getting on for two years since we last featured him, this song reminds me of just how good his mixture of classic soul and timeless R&B is. === More Than Ruins have today released 'Black Lines' the trio came together earlier this year, resulting in this gorgeous indie pop song, with more tracks in the pipeline. === London based Ned Roberts has a new single and a video for 'Wrong Side Of You' a melodic, flowing and refined modern folk song. === A band who we have featured a number of times Moderate Rebels have shared 'Every Cheat You Meet Sings Love Songs' today and it's only around on line until the end of the month, but will return as part of a triple album next year. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Son Little - Mahalia. Son Little, the musical nom de plume of LA’s Aaron Earl Livin