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Oneiros Way - Ace Of Wands - Nico Paulo

Oneiros Way - Mourning. "'Mourning' is the lament of death, a siren that announces its sound, a round murmur, the malevolent reverberation of an end that escapes, that is beyond to come but that does not come: because rather than death what's coming is sleep, apathy, the trap of return, the eternal damnation of the present. Mourning is inspired by Jean Cocteau's Orphèe 1950, death is a mirror that entraps, eternal return, continuous re-proposition of dream scenarios. A lament, a call and a new lament, as if death were nothing more than a new beginning. " Hailing from Milan, Italy, electro-dreampop duo Oneiros Way deliver dark-tinted, ethereal songs, rooted in a vintage cinematic imagery. Cocteau Twins echoes on trip-hop rhythms and post-rock subtileties. Regina (voce, pianoforte, synth e organi) and Claudio (voice, chitarre, Lunabass, drum machine / campionatore, synth) have made wide use of analog instruments like MS 20, Solina, acoustic pianos, banjos, anal