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Sister John - Threatmantics - Shapes On Tape - The Wild State - The Limiñanas - Trudy and the Romance - Yacht Punk

Sister John may be drawing some interesting comparisons however the new single has plenty of individuality and the video is fabulous. The new single from Threatmantics is refreshingly original with distinct vocals and a superb musical arrangement. We featured Shapes on Tape three times last year and the new song is another hook fuelled affair to enjoy. The Wild State offer a breezy and infectious indie rocker that doubles as a massive tease for their forthcoming album. The Limiñanas exude psych that is addictive, intriguing and atmospheric. Although we have to go back to 2017 for our last taste of Trudy and The Romance, the new song is yet another delicious "mutant 50's pop" song demonstrating the bands modern take on retro sounds superbly. We finish up today with Yacht Punk where some beautiful guitar sounds and refined rock vocals make this song hard to resist. Sister John - I'm The One. Sister John formed in somewhat serendipitous circumstances, having all m

Healyum - Shapes On Tape - John Mohead

Healyum - Cheap Alcohol. Background - Newcomers Healyum have delivered on early promise with new single ‘Cheap Alcohol’.  Previous singles ‘Lies’, ‘Three Months’ and ‘Fools Eyes’ have been supported by Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing, and Radio X (where all three have appeared on the evening playlist).  ‘Cheap Alcohol’ will join those earlier singles on the bands debut ‘Join The Party EP’ (released on July 27th).  Combining London Grammar-like minimalism with a shimmering, pop-tronica edge inspired by Lorde, they’ve received glowing reviews.  The music has also found it’s way onto various BBC Drama & Channel 4 TV shows, and they won the ‘Breakout Artist Award’ at the NMG Awards last year. The band’s BBC Introducing support led to them being filmed live in-session and they recently played alongside fellow Bedford-boy Tom Grennan as well as Fickle Friends and Circa Waves. Singer-songwriter Jeaná Healy explains that if she threw a party, ‘Cheap Alcohol’ would be the

Saturday &: Shapes On Tape - Otto Niklasson Elmerås - Night Lights

Shapes On Tape - Personal Enemy #1 Background promo - Shapes on Tape's latest release is a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the merit, or lack thereof, of the quite possibly the most insufferable lawyer in all of New York City. Over a bouncing baseline and neon synths, the duo expounds on the extraordinary suckitude of this profoundly hateful individual. The track is synthy dance rock with a dark edge. Said the band: "The practice of law can be profoundly frustrating and has required me at times to say things like 'This is the kind of dumb ass pissing contest that makes the practise of law so unpleasant so often. You know that, right,' or 'I have no interest in hackneyed lawyer games. Life is far too short for me to engage in such trivialities. I cordially invite to you refrain from them and I will return the favour.' Sometimes, though, a person--a particular guy in this instance--is just so unpleasant, so incapable of professional courtesy, so inexplicably

Genre Wander: Shapes On Tape- Lake Jons

Shapes On Tape - My One and Only True Love. Background promo - "My One and Only True Love' is actually about my one and only true love. It's about my girlfriend. It is a factual account of just a few of the things that make her a marvel of nature. She was a ballerina but should have been a drummer in a riot grrl band--or perhaps both. She did go to space camp two years in a row, as well as art school. There's no question that she is the smartest, funniest and best woman to ever be able to put up with me. Also, it explores a Faulknerian inspired notion that the very specific actually creates and ironic sense of the universal, but that is very much secondary." Shapes on Tape was an arranged marriage. In 2012, Jason Matuskiewicz left behind a reasonably decent job as a young litigator in a relatively secure law firm to move to New York City and "make it" with his band. A solid career move to be sure. His famous last words were, "If I had known it