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She Rides Tigers - Cousin Kula - Frankie Lee - Lady Nade - James Clayton - Wovoka Gentle

From She Rides Tigers we have the debut album 'Scars' to stream in full, the trio deliver a powerful mixture of rock styles with enough pop sensibilities to ensure a mass of musical hooks along the way. Cousin Kula's 'Stacked' sees the psych pop element of the band in full flow, this is an imaginative song where their jazz influences are just nudging away in the musical arrangement. 'In The Blue' from Frankie Lee takes on the subject of ageing and loss and yet adds a tender and quite beautiful feel with this fine song. Lady Nade's fabulous vocals are a perfect fit for soul and jazz, so it's no surprise that 'Drive Home Safely' (a mixture of both genres) is simply wonderful. James Clayton sent us Avalene with a few personal comments, the song did the rest and with pleasure it's shared below. Wovoka Gentle have given us another song from their forthcoming album which includes The Kids Club Kampala Choir, it's our fifth feature for the L

Bloom - Wovoka Gentle - The Leisure Society - Insomniac Bears

The dual vocals weave around each other beautifully on Bloom's new song 'Ground', whilst the musical backdrop adds further depth. It's our forth feature for Wovoka Gentle as the trio continue to create gorgeous music, and their debut album 'Start Clanging Cymbals' is due in June! The Leisure Society have just released 'Arrivals & Departures' a double album (streaming in full below) that is packed with fine tunes and variety. 'A Nod In The Darkness' is a fabulous song from Insomniac Bears, where the vocals and musical arrangement compete for our attention throughout. Bloom - Ground. Co-fronted by telepathic, harmonising best friends Emily Cluley and Megan Clifton (both on vocals, guitars & keys) - alongside Jamie Keogh (drums) and Scott Jones (bass) - Brighton-based Bloom is a culmination of entwined passions: layered harmonies, 80’s synths, heavy dance rhythms, a touch of bubblegum pop, PC Music, love, the universe, moss, thunder,

The Curls - Wovoka Gentle - The Underground Youth - Malihini - Post Louis

With a steady rhythmic vibe The Curls interact beautifully in terms of musicianship, add in the melodic dual vocals and this psych pop song is extremely catchy. We featured Wovoka Gentle a couple of times last year and their return with 'Sin Is Crouching At Your Door' where psychedelic vibes are everywhere on this charmer. The Underground Youth deliver some solid rock and roll where the distinct vocals swirl above the momentum adding some angst and emotion. Malihini offer us some refreshingly creative lo-fi pop, where the hooks gradually work their way in deep. It's getting on for a year ago when Post Louis were featured here twice, and the new song is another good one, where the musical textures are fabulous as are the vocals and harmonies.   The Curls - Isn't It Funny (ft. Sophagus). Chicago, Psych-Pop band The Curls have shared their new single "Isn't It Funny". The track features experimental artist Sophagus on lead vox and is one of the band

Noctorum - Beans on Toast - Wovoka Gentle

Noctorum - Piccadilly Circus In The Rain. Noctorum recently announced the impending release of their fourth album 'The Afterlife' - the duo's first long-play in seven years, which will be released exclusively on CD and gatefold vinyl to PledgeMusic contributors in November 2018. The general release of this album will happen in February 2019 via Schoolkids Records. Noctorum is guitarist/singer-songwriter Marty Willson-Piper and producer Dare Mason. The duo present their new single 'Piccadilly Circus in the Rain', following up the first single 'A Girl With No Love'. Named for the village Noctorum, located near to their childhood homes on The Wirral (near Liverpool), Dare and Marty liked its association with night and its Latin derivation. This collaboration has an eclectic focus, making the quiet loud and vice-versa, singing words that might be spoken and playing indoor instruments that should be heard outside. It has to be imagined to exist. "Perhaps

Marvin's Revenge - Wovoka Gentle - The Wave Pictures

Marvin's Revenge - Overlook. Background - Marvin’s Revenge are a three-piece grunge/alternative rock band from the small town of Wirksworth, Derbyshire. With a distinctly sharp northern slur and a backline reminiscent of the best of DC, Seattle and LA’s music scenes this is just the revenge you were looking for. They all originate from the town of Wirksworth but mainly play gigs in Nottingham as it is their biggest local city and has a reputable scene for live music. All members have been playing together for around 3 years and have been parts of different bands, but Marvin’s Revenge formed just under a year ago. They have been gigging and writing music together since. Job (drummer) and Ollie (guitars) first started jamming together 5 years ago as they were in the same music class at school. Luke joined them soon after when he began to learn guitar. All of them went to the same secondary school so through seeing each other every day and developing common interests and friendsh