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Kate Bush - Amsterdam 1979

'The Tour of Life' is the only ever tour by Kate Bush . During the 1979 tour, Kate became the first ever singer to use a wireless headset radio microphone on stage, which enabled her to incorporate extensive dance routines into her live shows. A number of reasons have been suggested as to why she subsequently abandoned touring, among them her reputed need to be in total control of the final product, which is incompatible with live stage performance, a rumour of a crippling fear of flying, and the suggestion that the death of 21-year-old Bill Duffield severely affected her. Bill Duffield, her lighting director, was killed in an accident during her 2nd April concert at Poole Arts Centre. Kate Bush held a benefit concert on the 12th May , with Peter Gabriel and Steve Harley at London's Hammersmith Odeon for his family. The tour comprised of 28 dates including five nights at The London Palladium. This is from her concert at the Carr'e Theatre in Amsterdam, Holland on

Kate Bush - Butterfly Kisses

I have always liked Kate Bush . She epitomises every thing that is good about a creative artist & musician. I could go on and on, I guess you know all this. She has been, and remains one of the best female artist's in popular, and contemporary music. This is a compilation of live TV appearance soundtracks, 70's & 80's charity contributions, and limited live material that has been circulated under the title ' Butterfly Kisses'. I am not sure if this was originally one of those cynical 'rip off' Cd's traded as an official release, or just a collection of fans material (hopefully it is the latter). Track listing: 01 - Wuthering Heights (3:00) BBC TV, Top of the Pops - 16 Feb 1978. 02 - The Man with the Child in His Eyes (2:51) 03 - Them Heavy People (2:48) TV (New York), Saturday Night Live - 09 Dec 1978. 04 - Under the Ivy (2:13 Studio, Abbey Road, March 1986. 05 - Breathing (3:07) 06 - Do Bears? (3:49) BBC TV, Comic Relief - 04 April 198