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Velvet Vaughan - Phillip Michael Scales - Roddy Colmer

Velvet Vaughan shares her first single 'Sleep Walk' whilst she works on her debut album, the song combines alt rock with some country vibes and is very impressive. === Phillip Michael Scales song 'Find A Way' is both soulful and refined, as are the vocals and the musical arrangement allows his voice to shine through. === We have a video to accompany 'White Little Lights' by Roddy Colmer and it adds to the story line for what is a stunning and beautiful song. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Velvet Vaughan - Sleep Walk. Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Velvet Ray Vaughan has been surrounded by the music industry since she was conceived after her parents played a gig together at Dollywood. Her father, a legendary session guitar player and mother, a respected background singer and multi-instrumentalist, brought her on the tour bus when she was 6 months old. Vaughan grew up touring the c