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Midweek Muse: Hana Oceans - Hollow Everdaze - Ministry - Samson's Delilah

Hana Oceans - Invincible Borders. Background - Hana Oceans has released her first, highly acclaimed single 'Invincible Borders'​ from her forthcoming EP. Hana from Gothenburg, Sweden, started making music after gaining inspiration whilst travelling the world at a young age. Hana is fiercely passionate about art, and committed to inspiring people through her music, Hana began studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston prior to releasing her critically acclaimed debut EP “Dust” in 2015. Hana's incredible voice coupled with her ability to write powerful and melodic songs led to Spotify announcing her as one of their featured artists within their 'Spotlight 2016' campaign. Hana now has a growing international fan base which has contributed to over 2 million digital streams on Spotify ​alone. Up until the day that Hana started making music she had felt lost at sea with all of her ideas, emotions and creativity. On finding her calling Hana has developed a strong co