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Brodie Dawson - The Subtheory - Ina Forsman - Gran Noir

Brodie Dawson - Will I Ever. Singer-songwriter Brodie Dawson has released her latest single,“Will I Ever,” the fourth off her next album Wholehearted.  “Will I Ever” follows Dawson through her very personal and vulnerable journey of overcoming her separation from her husband. It features country guitar grooves, live instruments, sultry and powerful vocals, and empowering lyrics. “I wrote this the summer my husband and I separated. My heart was devastated, and I was so lost, but hellbent on finding myself again. A beautiful couple I know on Hornby Island offered me their cabin for the weekend as a little writing retreat. So I packed up my dog, my guitar and my journal and spent the entire weekend at the ocean, thinking, crying, writing and playing,” says Dawson. "For the longest time it was more of a groove song than anything, and it only had one verse. I actually wrote the second verse the night before recording it in the studio in Nashville!” The track was written and performed

Tayla Young - Gran Noir - Damone - Rue Snider - Plaza - Desert Sparrow - Jennah Barry

Tayla Young has a new single 'With The Fire' which opens in a gentle, beautiful manner and then gradually builds in power without overdoing it and allowing her vocals to shine right through. We have a fabulous song from Gran Noir entitled 'On And On'. The driving beat and melodic vocals are accompanied by a fresh new video, this is just so catchy. Damone share the single 'Moon and Stars' which is a bright and smooth alt pop / rock piece with melodic vocals and harmonies. Rue Snider has been featured on Beehive Candy a few times and the new video and song 'Chelsea' sees his music take on a more fuzzy rock feel, with a dramatic vibe. From Plaza we have their new song 'See'. The pace is slow, the music and harmonies conjure an atmospheric feel, and the distinct lead vocals really do add character. Desert Sparrow share a story line video for 'Karma', the song itself is a mixture of indie folk and sixties pop sensibilities, it