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Ghosts on TV - Locks - Ric Gordon - Dana And The Wolf - Mutant League Records

Ghosts on TV - A Fool Such As I. Background - Ghosts on TV are from Helsinki, Finland. They released their latest EP on the 8th of December. Ghosts on TV is a indie rock band formed in 2014 in Helsinki, which combines a broad range of sounds and influences, from post-rock and Radiohead to more conventional post-punk revival such as The National and Interpol, all spiced with a touch of traditional Finnish melancholy.  They have stood out of the usual Finnish indie-scene with this sound, and the first release "Lay yourself down" gathered a good response from Nick Triani at Radio Helsinki and the Finnish music magazine Rumba. Quoting the band "We started playing shows extensively around Helsinki, from small bars and clubs to established venues such as the legendary Tavastia. In 2016 we released our debut EP, including a sold out vinyl pressing by Royal Mint Records, released a split 7" through said label's 'Mint Singles Club' series, released another