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Oldermost - Tempesst

Oldermost - Same To Me. Background - “Same To Me” is the brand-new second single that Philadelphia’s indie rock band Oldermost ahead of the release of their new album How Could You Ever Be The Same? that AntiFragile Music is releasing on Friday, July 13th, following its rollicking lead single "The Danger of Belief”. The introspective song was one of the first written for their new album, and is one of its gorgeous, hazy stand-outs. It’s also frontman Bradford Bucknum’s thesis about love, and how embracing change is a liberating act that permits deeper possibilities of loving someone and loving one’s self. It also highlights the bands’ penchant for creating era-blending Americana-infused rock & roll with a more indie rock vibe in the vein of The War On Drugs (their Philly contemporaries!) or Wilco. How Could You Ever Be The Same? includes two songs that Oldermost previously released but felt like had a home on the new album, including the undeniable track “Honey With Tea”,

Quality Not Quantity: Closer - Born Joy Dead - Oldermost

Modern Inventors - Closer ft. Daru Jones Background promo - Nashville-based Modern Inventors have released their track "Closer". Featuring drummer Daru Jones (Jack White), as well as bassist Owen Biddle (The Roots). "After a relationship ends, it's natural to feel guarded, and sometimes when you least expect it, you'll find yourself connecting with another person," the band said of the track. "Maybe it's on a subway, or passing each other on the sidewalk, but you remember the feeling; 'Closer' is a realization that you might be getting closer to allowing yourself to open up again.” Migrating from Philadelphia to Nashville a year ago, Josh Benus and Matt Kass have expanded on their backgrounds as formally-trained musicians with a sound that’s both unique and powerfully emotional. After several years of collaborating in a variety of projects, including a soundtrack for the HBO documentary First Comes Love, they solidified their partnership