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Kristiane - TANDM - Karen Bishko - Amaunet

Kristiane shares 'Wish I Could Be Your Girl' and it's a very catchy indie pop song where the vocals exude fragility and emotion. ===== Earlier this week we featured 'Earthworm' by TANDM and I am pleased to be able to share the full E.P 'Reflections Remastered' with another four gorgeous songs. ===== Karen Bishko video for 'My Name Is Karen' adds a little more to this lyrically brilliant song, there is nothing wrong if your real name is Karen (simply nothing). ===== From Amaunet we have the new song 'All About Us' which is a vibrant and flowing indie rocker, the vocals and rich musical backdrop beautifully spar with each other. =================================================== Kristiane - Wish I Could Be Your Girl. Kristiane is an LA-based singer/songwriter who has spent the last few years developing an eccentric, jarring approach to pop/rock. Her new single “Wish I Could Be Your Girl” is out now independently. “Wish I Could Be Your Girl” i