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Genre Wander: Robert Nix - James Edge And The Mindstep - Missing Sibling - Jake Meadows

Robert Nix - Won't Go With The Flow'. Background promo - Robert Nix is largely recognized as an innovative alternative artist, incorporating alternative, postpunksynth, new wave, pop, classical and progressive rock into his songs and appealing to the 'intelligent alternative music fan'. With his unique songwriting style, musical approach and distinctive haunting voice Nix stands out from the rest of the crowd. "Once in a Blue Moon", Robert's latest release, is his 5th. The album reveals an artist dedicated to recording his own brand of song. Nix handles all aspects of the album's writing, performance and production. OK the album was released back in January, so late to the party again! However it's such a good LP that a quick mention seems only fair. The featured song gives a hint of what's in store, expect a lot more.   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------