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Vines - Nora Kelly Band - Brewflies - The Vanrays

Photo - Anna Longworth Vines - The World At Large. Brooklyn composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Wieland has released the third single, a cover of Modest Mouse's "The World At Large," from her upcoming debut LP as Vines. In 2022, Wieland began covering popular indie songs using her vocoder as a side project, unearthing the emotions lying inside of these tracks. “The World at Large” is just one example of her contemplative reimaginings. Throughout her cover of Modest Mouse’s 2004 hit, Wieland softens each beat, slowing down each peppy “ah” into a pensive hum. The song takes on themes of drifting and running away, and in Wieland’s gossamer threads, heart-wrenching simplicity amplifies its melancholy to unveil the existentialism that colors the music. The single follows "january" and "I don't mind," the latter of which Stereogum likened to "Imogen Heap’s “Hide And Seek,” with traces of Sigur Rós, Bon Iver, and various electronic

Amy Hollinrake - Vines - South For Winter - Pigeon Wigs

Photo - Sophie le Roux Amy Hollinrake - It Draws the Same. It Draws The Same is the new single taken from South-East London’s rising alt-folk star Amy Hollinrake’s forthcoming EP Sad Lady Songs Vol. 1 which follows late 2023. Hollinrake’s work draws on women’s stories within folklore and mythology and fuses them with a contemporary sound placing her at the forefront of the new era of feminist neo-folk, with musical touchstones in Joanna Newsom Joni Mitchell and Adrienne Lenker, with touches of the emotional directness of Paris Paloma. Amy Hollinrake has performed at Cambridge Folk Festival, and at notable shows at Cambridge Junction and Kings Place, as well as lending her soaring vocals to major label signed Don Broco’s Royal Albert Hall, London show, with her music garnering attention from the likes of BBC 6 Music Introducing and BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour. The latter invited Hollinrake in to discuss the new single It Draws The Same and her aesthetic which delves deeply into the old st

Vines - Ellie Burke - The Pink Stones Feat. Nikki Lane

Vines - I don't mind. Brooklyn composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Wieland released the lead single "I don't mind" from her upcoming debut LP as Vines, titled Birthday Party, out August 18th. There’s dejection in “I don’t mind,” but also a growing assuredness. The first time Wieland sings “I’ll fall apart if I need to, I don’t mind,” her voice sounds tender and soft, even a little distant. But with each emphatic repetition of the simple-yet-potent lyric, which acts as the backbone of the song, her voice fills out, growing into a full chord accompanied by steady piano and glimmering electronics. It’s not unlike the moment when you realize you need to feel the feelings you’re bottling up—and the rush of calm that comes once they’ve finally been released. Wieland founded Vines as a way to break out of the performer-composer hierarchy, opting for more collaboration and a closer connection to her fans. Vines has already made waves on Tiktok covering indie