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Wilsen - Linaire - Brooke Annibale - Micra

Wilsen return with their new single 'Align' just ahead of the album 'Ruiner'. We have already shared a couple of tracks from the new collection and the latest again promises that we are in for a real treat. === We have to go back to October 2016 for the last time we featured Anna Atkinson, however she is back with her new project Linaire and the beautiful song 'Feeling' accompanied by her rich sounding Omnichord. === Another artist making her third appearance here is Brooke Annibale with 'I Will'. We don't feature that many cover versions but Brooke really does give this Beatles song her own stamp. === Micra have released 'Chemical Freedom' accompanied by a video, the dream pop duo really have created a gorgeous song (and it's welcome back here for a third time as well!). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wilsen - Align. Today, the Brooklyn-based trio Wilsen released a new

Skye Wallace - LAPêCHE - Alice Boman - Wilsen

Skye Wallace returns to Beehive Candy after two impressive songs featured last year. Yesterday she shared a new video for 'Body Lights The Way' a lively, catchy and very pleasing rocker of a song. === Indie rock band LAPêCHE have just released a new video for 'Gracie' a hook filled song, that packs emotion throughout. === Swedish songwriter Alice Boman releases her debut album 'Dream On' this coming Friday and just ahead of that shares a video for 'Everybody Hurts' a gorgeous and melodic song, with a tour kicking off just day's away. ===We shared 'Ruiner' back in November, the title track from the soon to be released album from Wilsen who have just shared another gorgeous teaser from the album called 'Feeling Fancy' accompanied by a fine music video. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Skye Wallace - Body Lights The Way. Skye Wallace is what happens when a trained singe

Mona Visa - Daymaker - Hurtsfall - Seazoo - HunBjørn - Jaguar Moon - Wilsen

Mona Visa have just released their debut song 'Peter Pan' and the brother and sister duo have created a stand out and quite stunning piece. === Chicago post punk band Daymaker have a brand new album 'Let The Sun Fall' comprising of ten tracks, this is natural hook filled and uncompromising material. === Hurtsfall have shared 'Calling Out' where alt rock and Gothic infused vocals come together wonderfully on this seven minutes of aural bliss. === Seazoo return to Beehive Candy for a third time with 'Heading Out' a bright indie rock song that packs charm and vibrancy. === It's the third appearance this year here from HunBjørn this time with a video for 'Keep Breathing' a synthy and dramatic electro pop song. === We have the latest single from Jaguar Moon entitled 'Bird Song' and we have also included 'Ostrich' both taken from their fabulous alt pop debut E.P. === Brooklyn based trio Wilsen have a new video for 'Ruiner'