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Amy MacDonald - Live in Germany - 2008

Amy Macdonald understandably made the most of the 'consistently warm reception' she received in Germany last year, clearly enjoying performing live, as we can hear on two specific gigs she along with her excellent band, had recorded for German radio networks. She also made a number of promotional appearances for both TV and radio in Germany, and was filmed in Berlin towards the end of 2008. These particular recordings have been circulated as 'The German Radio Broadcasts 2008 (FM)' either on double CD or as FLAC files on a few file sharing forums. Source: Radio Broadcasts from WDR 2 and Radio Bremen . Sound Quality: Excellent stereo recordings converted to MP3 @ 320kbps, very high quality. Genre: Indie Pop - acoustic plus band. Sets: In three parts: Part One: Four promo recordings (from February 2008), with intros by Amy MacDonald, acoustic solo sets for WDR 2 recorded at the radio station and subsequently broadcast during the month. 01. This Is

Amy Macdonald - Live In Stockholm - October 2008

Amy Macdonald performed close to one hundred gigs last year, along with a host of promotional appearances. This is Amy in concert on the 29th October 2008, live at Debaser Medis, Stockholm, Sweden. Source: Audience recording, front area, close to centre. Sound Quality: For audience - excellent! stereo (mixed as a labor of love - just listen) low audience noise - highly listenable. Genre: Indie Pop - acoustic plus band. Set: Full live performance with two tracks missing in action, lets hope they make it home. Set List: 01 Bag pipe introduction 02 Poison Prince 03 L.A. 04 Youth of Today 05 Barrowland Ballroom 06 Footballers Wife 07 Mr. Brightside (08 I wish for something more - sorry missing from this edit) 09 Mr. Rock and Roll 10 Next Big Thing 11 This is the Life 12 Hallelujah 13 Troubled Soul 14 Run 15 'Crowd encore' (16 Dancing in the dark - sorry missing from this edit) 17 'Band presentation' 18 The Road to Home 19 Let's Start a Band Links: Official site HE