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Dani Teveluwe - Into The Deep (E.P). Gold Coast (Yugambeh Country) based First Nations musician Dani Teveluwe (pronounced 'tee-va-loo') is set to captivate with her spirited and soulful take on acoustic-pop with her debut EP, ‘Into The Deep’, out yesterday. Formerly a primary school teacher, the singer-songwriter broke down the walls of her comfort zone and took a courageous leap into music. It seemed impossible at first, but with inspiration from a David Bowie quote, she summoned the determination to make her dream a reality. Dani explains: "This EP is a culmination of a lot of courage. Not so long ago I lived another life and I never would have believed this (releasing 'Into The Deep') would be possible. And it wouldn’t have been, without courage." Recorded at Big Note Studios, produced by Tim Goodburn, and mastered by Paul Blakey, this body of work celebrates bravery, and is also an exploration of love in all its forms - romantic, compassionate, and love f