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Matthew James and the Rust Belt Union (Video Premiere) - Gill Landry - Sarah Cripps

Matthew James and the Rust Belt Union - Goodbye. Background - American music nostalgia as if finding an odd record in your uncles hidden collection of 1970’s country and blues bands. Galloping drums with a relentless and lonesome holler reigned in by steady upright bass and soothed by the lost watering hole of pedal steel. This sound is self described as Midwest Junk Soul. Impromptu Musicals for the Skeptic is singer Matthew James’ story album about moving to Des Moines from his home of Detroit for a girl and leaving everything thing behind including music with his nationally touring string bands. The single “Goodbye” was written on that drive as heard in the lyrics. Director Josh Berendes is known for his work with nature including his current film on the Galapagos Islands. Here he shot these animals in their natural environment partying and playing music!  Rust Belt Union is shown as a pack helping each other load in during the grind and chill before they release art and energ