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Monday Mix: Idle Fret - His Clancyness - Chelan - Diana Ebe

Idle Fret - Reborn. Background promo - Albury/Wodonga's Idle Fret are in the business of making explosive, no-bs rock'n'roll, as spelled out in black and white on their knockout debut album, 'Reborn'. Ticking all the right boxes – great band, great singer, great songs – 'Reborn' perfectly captures everything high-octane rock fans live for... the must-have blend of thundering drums, wall of guitar and soaring, melt-your-face-off vocals that make up one of the most enduring and exciting genres of music. Taking the best aspects of the best bands spanning three decades, even some 20 years after most of the genre's legends have come and gone, Idle Fret manage to make the music relevant and fresh, while keeping the traditions of the niche alive and well. They are a band literally made up of the same devout rock fans they appeal to. From front to back, Idle Fret have armed themselves to the teeth. Drummer Ryan Nicholson and bassist James McRorie give the ban

Genre Wander: A Treehouse Wait - Searls - Basement Revolver - Chelan

A Treehouse Wait - Faith. Background promo - Jenny Wahlström from A Treehouse Wait grew up with one foot at a country farm in the south of Sweden. She had her other foot in Asia, where her parents worked for several periods of time during her childhood. She has mainly worked as a songwriter in the EDM-stage, co-writing and performing with acts like Martin Garrix (Virus), Shermanology (Stranger) and Ferry Corsten (Many ways). Realising that it wasn’t just songs that made sense to herself, but the fact that people actually listened when she started singing re-inspired her. After spending a month in the USA, being the opening act for a Swedish folksinger, singer and songwriter Jenny Wahlström plucked up the courage to put the songs down on paper and record the songs she didn’t think she’d ever share with the rest of the world. A Treehouse Wait was born. The music is mostly inspired by the things one is so familiar with, but mostly would not talk about. Like empty city streets during