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Genre Wander: Giant Head Collective - Emma Cook - Tempesst

Giant Head Collective - This Time I'll Fight. Background - Giant Head Collective are a group of musicians who have come together to write and perform a unique crossover style of music.  We blend Americana and Rock with a Celtic undertone. Our philosophy is, that no matter what we do, it has to have a strong sense of melody.   One minute you could close your eyes and think you are in Seattle, and then travelling via the Appalachian Mountains across the Atlantic to Scotland.  If you love to listen to music that takes you on a musical journey, then please check us out.  Our journey is a long one and we would love your company along the way! Members: Mark Breingan - Guitar, Brian Robinson - Pipes & Mandolin, Colin Rodger - Vocals, Allister Weir - Bass, Scott Dawson - Drums. Bands Website Here . From the bands latest album 9 Tales (released last month), we feature the song 'This Time I'll Fight'. This is such a fine album comprising of course of nine songs, th