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Antonioni - Max Fry with Lhasa Petik - The Sea Birds - Brendan & the Strangest Ways

Antonioni have just released 'Mary Bell' after signing to Lauren Records and its a slick hook filled indie rocker. === Max Fry and Lhasa Petik have already gained considerable attention for 'Take It Slow' which is hardly surprising on this wonderfully produced song === The Sea Birds latest single 'A Fine Line' is a well crafted piece that packs genuine feeling and suppressed energy. === Brendan & the Strangest Ways make their third appearance here this year with 'Turn Your Luck' and once again their striking Americana is both powerful and pleasing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Antonioni - Mary Bell. Lauren Records is excited to announce that they have signed Seattle's Antonioni, and unveiled a new single from the band. “Mary Bell” was written while Sarah Pasillas from the band was processing a friend committing an unthinkably violent and inhuman act. What could cause someone

The Electric Mess - Beachtape - Yusuf Sahilli - Brendan & the Strangest Ways - The Hideaways - Clem Snide - Nicole Atkins

The Electric Mess share 'Last Call' where the bands ability to mix up the rock genres results in this glorious hook laden piece. === Beachtape latest song is 'Somewhere Better' which exudes laid back rock grooves. === Yusuf Sahilli shares his first single 'In The City' taken from his forthcoming album. Both vocals and the musical arrangement are refined on this enticing track. === Brendan & the Strangest Ways make their second appearance here in less than a month with 'We Can Beat Mercury' another fabulous country rocker. === The Hideaways power up with 'Luminescence' a dominant rocker where even the reprises throb with angst and power. === We have already featured the first two singles and now Clem Snide returns with the third entitled 'Some Ghost' preety much ensuring the forthcoming album 'Forever Just Beyond' is a must hear. === Finally today we have Nicole Atkins and 'Domino' a fabulous modern pop song with

Very Very - Sass Jordan - The Saxophones - Brendan & the Strangest Ways - Diners

Very Very shares 'Badlands' accompanied by a video, a confessional and personal song with plenty of atmosphere. === Sass Jordan moves from her rock singer mode into some passionate blues with 'Leaving Trunk' ahead of her first full blues album due in March. === A month after we first featured The Saxophones they have returned with 'Forgot My Mantra' which is another exquisite song ahead of their 'Eternity Bay' album. === Brendan & the Strangest Ways have just released 'We Can Beat Mercury' a powerful hook laden country rocker. === Today Diners have released 'Cup Of Coffee' with a beautifully matched video for what is one smooth and very catchy song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Very Very - Badlands. Before being banned from the United States for 10 years, Very Very had built a life in New York City. There she found herself crossing boundaries in a relationship ba