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Emma Miller - Thrillhouse - SOUP! (feat Meredith Adelaide - Meisha & The Spanks

Emma Miller just released a soothing and gently flowing singer-songwriter track called 'Sail Away'. ==== Back in March we featured 'Lesser' from Thrillhouse and they are back with 'If It's Important' which is a catchy fast moving and rhythmic song. ==== SOUP! share 'All To Myself' featuring Meredith Adelaide and between them they have created an original and vibrant modern pop track. ==== Miesha & The Spanks new song 'Wanna Feel Good' is a potent garage rocker that fires hooks in all directions. =================================================== Emma Miller - Sail Away. Following the release of her folk-tinged single “Honey”, Scottish artist Emma Miller returns with her introspective new track “Sail Away” - further demonstrating her inquisitive nature as a songwriter. Experimenting with soft electronics and shimmering harmonies, “Sail Away” is a beautiful offering from the young artist. The delicate soundscape allows Emma’s powerful