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Jackie - Whitacre - Shadowlands - Revolution, I Love You - Courteous Thief - Maija Sofia - Scott & Charlene's Wedding

Jackie have a new video for 'Lifetime In A Touch' a feisty rocker of a song with plenty of determined attitude. === They describe their music as mountain rock and you can hear why with Whitacre and the new song 'Peach' where the fusion of Americana, country rock and folk come together beautifully. === Just a few weeks after featuring Shadowlands they return with 'Pining For Time' another creative piece with dreamy vocals, analog synths, and plenty of atmosphere. === The new single from Revolution, I Love You is entitled 'Wait' and the lyrics are described as bittersweet, yet there is a dreamy vibe and plenty of energy to make the track a pleasing conundrum. === Courteous Thief is about to release 'Mountains And Sea' which is a really gorgeous folk pop song with a fabulous musical arrangement and wonderful vocals. === Just over a month since we first featured Maija Sofia she is back with 'The Wife Of Michael Cleary' and once again the fo

Maija Sofia - Grizzly Coast - Shadowlark

Maija Sofia has released 'The Glitter' a soothing and quite peaceful song. The vocals and lyrics are simply outstanding and the musical arrangement equally special. Back in April we featured 'Half-Light Boy' by Grizzly Coast and now she (Alannah Kavanagh) returns with 'High-Functioning'. It's an energised indie rocker loaded with some deep digging hooks. Shadowlark return with 'Huntress' taken from their debut E.P. 'Bleed My Heart' of which we featured the title track just a month ago. Described as "ambient and atmospheric" this expansive, melodic and dreamy track is one of four songs on the new release. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Maija Sofia - The Glitter. Irish art-folk virtuoso Maija Sofia (Trapped Animal Records) has released the first single from debut full-length 'Bath Time' (November 22). 'The Glitter' tells the story of Jean Rhys, a