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Sauropod - Headed Background - Oslo, Norway based trio Sauropod, made up of – Jonas Røyeng (guitar, vocals), Kamilla Waal Larsen (bass, vocals) and Jørgen Natland Apeness (drums) have released their new single ‘Headed’ via Propeller Recordings. With a natural gift for simultaneously delivering energetic, punk-leaning songwriting with irresistibly catchy hooks - those attributes are more evident than ever on the ferocious new single. The latest signing to Propeller Recordings (Sløtface, Highasakite, Frøkedal etc) — new single ’Headed’ switches from uplifting, acoustic-tinged pop rock to searing grunge-punk with incomparable ease. Speaking a little more on the lyrical depth behind the new track, Jonas explained: '"I think to us it's foremost a song about getting away from people with hazardous attitudes who try to bring you with them, if you let your guard down. Sometimes the best thing to do is to get the hell out of there and start over!" Quickly becoming a force

Tusks - Joana Serrat - Sauropod - Brass Phantoms - Thee Conductor (Feat: Bonnie Prince Billy) - Lisa Anderson

Tusks - Last. Background - With her debut album Dissolve released 13th October, Tusks (aka Emily Underhill) builds on her towering musical vision. Created alongside longtime co-producer Brett Cox, her rich visual imagination with its cinematic enormity and resplendent detail is the work of a young artist mastering the nuances of her craft, a journey which began in her early teens. On new single ‘Last’, Tusks ups the ante; “it’s the feistiest track on the album. It was a bit of a f you to a person at the time who I'd invested loads of energy and time into who'd messed me around." It’s a track that demonstrates the breath of emotion on the record, that within ‘Dissolve’s’ immersive cinematic artistry and beautiful soundscapes sentiments of a vigorous, vitriolic nature also burn bright. From a young age, her voracious appetite for music has taken in artists as disparate as Bonobo, Explosions in the Sky, and Foals, and the result is a sound that resists pigeon-holing.

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Sauropod - By The Tree. Background - Sauropod, Norwegian garage-punk trio made up of – Jonas Røyeng (guitar, vocals), Kamillia Waal Larsen (bass, vocals) and Jørgen Natland Apeness (drums) have announced their signing to Propeller Recordings with the release of explosive new single ‘By The Tree’. With an aggressive intensity and simultaneous pop sensibility, the Oslo based trio are a force to be reckoned with both live and on record.  "Jump on the rocket / stomp on the day” Jonas yelps as the song bursts into life, to a backdrop of pummelling drum work and rolling bass lines - the song then shifts into a more melodic, but equally as untameable assault of punk instrumentation. Speaking on the lyrical meaning behind the new single, frontman Jonas Røyeng explained “By The Tree is essentially about juggling two things at once, not knowing which one you like the most." It’s an almighty amalgamation of sounds and influences, perhaps giving a nod to the likes of The Wytches,