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Promise And The Monster - The Yorks - Strawberry Pills - Janita - WA Wa Punx

Promise And The Monster latest song 'Closed My Eyes' is a good example of why Billie Lindahl under that moniker has received so much recognition, this is a beautifully crafted track. ===== Yesterday The Yorks released the exquisite song 'Many Things' where fabulous vocals and a gentle backdrop make this dream pop song so special. ===== From Athens Greece we have the duo Strawberry Pills and their distinctive new single 'Porcelain Face' where Gothic vibes are found alongside a post punk kind of soundtrack. ===== Janita has shared 'Not What You're Used To' along with a video, the song is a moody rock ballad that digs it's hooks in deep. ===== WA Wa Punx have shared a video for 'Danny Sucks At Video Games' ahead of it's November release, both video and song are wonderful with some classic rock and roll feeling and just a little punk edge. =================================================== Promise And The Monster - Closed My Eyes. Hav