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Sara Bug - I Ya Toyah - Big Little Lions - The Pink Stones - Megan Wyler - Tara Vern

Sara Bug - Die With You. Nashville songwriter Sara Bug (the name is an old family nickname due to her diminutive stature) describes herself this way, with her usual wry humor: World's finest southern-kitsch artist. born in Mississippi, raised in Louisiana, stuck in Nashville. Her songs balance that humor with deep feeling, which lets them hit hard and stay light at the same time. Add in her distinctive and fantastic vocals (occasionally sounding quite a bit like Dolly Parton, as on country standout "Back in Nashville") and you have a terrific new artist to watch. Her second single is  "Die With You" . The ten songs on Sara Bug’s forthcoming self-titled debut album were not meant to be shared. A culmination of seven years of her life, these songs were journal entries that reckoned with defining herself. Growing up in New Orleans, Bug imagined herself to be a successful songwriter. “I was so deep in the music. ‘Oh, I'm going to be a famous musician. When I ge

Remington Super 60 - The Hengles - Cayley Thomas - Tara Vern

Remington Super 60 today share the new E.P simply entitled 'New E.P'. We have all six songs to enjoy below, with each track from the indie pop group sounding gorgeous, sometimes dreamy and always totally engaging. === We featured The Hengles a couple of times last year and they return this week with the new song 'Down To The Water', the Amsterdam based trio's imaginative and timeless pop sounding as good as ever. === From Edmonton, Alberta we have Cayley Thomas with 'Blue Jean Baby' a beautiful song that suggests her upcoming ‘How Else Can I Tell You?’ album will be more than worth checking out. === We finish today's selection with a punchy rocker from Tara Vern called 'Girl With Flashing Eyes' the Australian artist packs some fine hooks into this refined rock track. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Remington Super 60 - New E.P. We have a brand new 6 track EP from Norwegian indie-